Ziko DS-23 Professional Nylon Ukulele Strings Set

A brilliant ukulele player can’t perform well without a superior ukulele. In a similar way, a set of high quality four strings will be an indispensable component for making up an excellent ukulele. I believe our Professional Nylon Ukulele Strings Set for Ziko DS-23 won’t let you down. Composed of four strings with different lengths, our professional nylon ukulele strings set boasts bright, clear tone and won’t bring any damage to your tender fingers. A perfect replacement for your unresponsive or aged strings set!



Specifications: Material Nylon Color White

Weight 0.71oz / 20g String 1th Diameter 0.024″ / 0.62 mm String 2th Diameter 0.031″ / 0.8 mm String 3th Diameter 0.037″ / 0.95 mm String 4th Diameter 0.026″ / 0.67 mm Package Dimensions (4.57 x 4.29)” / (11.6 x 10.9)cm(L x W) Package Includes 4 x Ukulele Strings

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